Make it last as long as possible

One of the reasons Cockapoos are so popular is the fact that they don’t moult. This is great if you have allergic relatives (in my case the Father-in-Law) and if you are married to someone who is obsessed with pet hair. The Boss is pretty short-sighted but he can spot a single hair on any type of carpet or upholstery a mile off. How does he do that? In fact, I generally spend the five minutes before he is due home from work cat hair hunting. This is because, whilst he is at work, I allow her into parts of our home from which she is officially banned by the Boss – that is most of it. The cat’s ASBO means that she is restricted to the kitchen floor. I think this is a little unfair; the cat thinks it is preposterous. We have a deal – when the Boss comes home, she goes out. (It’s a good job the Boss doesn’t read this blog.)

Back to Cockapoos. They don’t moult, which is why we got one. The only problem is that Cockapoo hair just keeps on growing. It’s a fine line between a cute, teddy bear-style coat and manky looking dreadlocks that you really can’t get a comb through. If, like me, you are not hot on grooming, your much loved Cockapoo can quickly resemble a matted mop with incredibly long eyelashes (they keep growing, too). Talking of eyelashes, I have been told that some people like to leave their Cockapoo eyelashes long and strictly forbid groomers to snip them. Personally, I think this is a bit unfair. Toffee walks into things she can see, she hasn’t got a hope if she can’t see. Also, she reminds me of when Princess Diana did that interview from underneath her eyelashes – do you know the one? (That reference is for the over-forties only.)

When I take Toffee to be groomed I generally go for the ‘make it last as long as possible’ approach. It’s a bit like when you buy kids school uniform that is three sizes too big. My daughter is still wearing the skirt I got her in Year 4. She is now in Year 8. It was skimming her ankles in Year 4 – now it is rather short and I am not sure that she can breath all that easily – but boy, was that a smart buy! When Toffee gets groomed; she gets groomed. I am not the kind of owner that says, “can you just take a little off so that she still looks like a teddy bear”. No siree. I always tell Demi, Toffee’s lovely groomer, “don’t mess about, take it all off”. The result is that she is clipped to within an inch of her life and returns home looking a like a scrawny goat. She really does become a shadow of her former self – I often have to tighten her collar to stop it falling off. Having said that, she is also a new dog. It is almost as if she has been freed from a great, heavy burden of furriness. She bounds about like a new born lamb on Haribo, takes great pleasure in annoying the cat and launches herself like an exocet missile when the Boss gets home from work. I often wonder if she, too, is thinking ‘make it last as long as possible’, but the thought soon evaporates when the Boss locates a single, incriminating cat hair on the sofa …

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