Team Toffee 2

Toffee after a two mile power walk … bass drum not included.

A week into our training regime and things are progressing well. I have dropped the retractable lead so Toffee has to walk at my speed on a short lead. Bear Grylls would show no mercy, so I’m not showing any either. “No pain, no gain. You’ve got to fight for it. What are you – a pussy?” That’s what Bear would say, so that’s what I say to Toffee.

It must be working because we are now mastering two miles in 30 minutes – that is apart from the time that I met a friend on the corner. 

She is a runner and often runs with her dog on a stretch lead attached to a belt (!!) Toffee took the opportunity to have a lie down whilst she shared a few of her top ‘running with dog’ tips. She is doing the Jane Tomlinson 10k this year. Will you be taking the dog, I asked. “No, I’ll be taking a big bass drum.” This lady is doing the Jane Tomlinson 10k with a brass band!!! Seriously!

My ambition to run 5k suddenly seems a bit a small.

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