Autumn sunshine with ‘Offee

toffee-at-fraisthorpeIt was twenty five degrees and sunny in Yorkshire yesterday, but just to remind us all that it is in fact autumn; today it is absolutely pouring down. I think this is a temporary glitch in our Indian Summer, but even if it isn’t, what a cracker of an autumn we have had so far .. well, at least in Yorkshire.

We are fortunate enough to live near enough to the coast to make a mad dash to the beach to enjoy the last warm, sunny days of the year. Our favourite place is Fraisethorpe Beach near Bridlington. It remains dog friendly throughout the summer and provides the perfect opportunity for a good long walk into the town for an ice cream along a stunning, and often largely empty, beach. If you are ever in the vicinity, it comes highly recommended.

Toffee loves the beach but hates the sea. When your nearest ocean is the North Sea, who can blame her. It’s pretty cold. Here is a photo of her enjoying a day out beside the seaside. It might look like she can’t spell her name, but I would like to reassure you that she can. The photographer (me) chopped off the ‘T’. Cockapoos just can’t get the staff these days

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