DSC_1273This is Toffee (aka the Tofster). She snuck her way into our family in June 2012 and she ain’t going nowhere. She’s cute, I’ll give her that. But don’t let her looks deceive you my friends. This Cockapoo takes no prisoners. Her goal: complete canine control.

When we first went to see her litter I reckon she thought, “Ah, I smell naivety, ignorance and a slight whiff of fear. I shall make these people my family and mould them to my own design.” I had taken the Boss as a precautionary measure: “We are definitely not choosing a puppy today. This is for research purposes only.” I had taken the Child because I wasn’t thinking. By the end of the visit, the Boss had made his selection (more Spaniel than Poodle) and the Child was so excited I thought she might spontaneously combust. We still had to wait six weeks before we could bring her home.

During those weeks I felt like an expectant mother. I had an inkling that this new arrival might change our lives forever and perhaps we had rushed into it a bit quickly. Where would she sleep? Would she keep us awake a night? Would she interfere with our social life and our holidays? Who is going to pick up the poo? Do I really want to walk a dog at 6.30am in the pouring rain?

But it was already too late. Persuading the Boss in the first place hadn’t been easy: “That’s fine but it’s your dog.” The Child was excited. I had told all my friends. The Family had been informed and had collectively responded with a raised eyebrow. There was no backing out. I had to see this thing through. I started having strange dreams about dogs picking up their own poo and going out for meals at fancy restaurants.

Naturally I shared none of my pre-puppy jitters with the Boss.

So this blog is about a cute dog with control issues and an owner who has no idea what she is doing or what she has let herself in for.

It’s for those of you thinking about getting a dog.

It’s for those of you on the same journey.

It’s for those of you who know about dogs and want to have a bit of a laugh at a first-time dog-owner’s expense.

And it’s for those of you who have the pleasure of knowing that fluffy ball of neediness that is Toffee.


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