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As agile as a sack of spuds

If you know Toffee, it is unlikely that you would associate her with the word ‘agility’. She is about as agile as a sack of spuds. She will be dragged on a walk but, given the option, I am sure … Continue reading

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Autumn sunshine with ‘Offee

It was twenty five degrees and sunny in Yorkshire yesterday, but just to remind us all that it is in fact autumn; today it is absolutely pouring down. I think this is a temporary glitch in our Indian Summer, but … Continue reading

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Team Toffee 2

   A week into our training regime and things are progressing well. I have dropped the retractable lead so Toffee has to walk at my speed on a short lead. Bear Grylls would show no mercy, so I’m not showing … Continue reading

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Toffee in Training

  Last week I embarked on a new regime to get running. I have never really mastered the art of running … or jogging … or even trotting. It’s one of those things that I would really like to be able … Continue reading

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Winter weather – won’t walk!

If Toffee could speak, “winter weather, won’t walk”¬†were the words she would have uttered yesterday without even raising her head off my daughter’s bean bag. (She has appropriated this as her ‘day’ bed.) It was cold and wet. The day … Continue reading

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Dogs at work

I left my last office job about 18 months ago to return to the world of self-employment. I had a couple of major reasons for this decision, and I would be lying if I said that spending more time with … Continue reading

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Make it last as long as possible

One of the reasons Cockapoos are so popular is the fact that they don’t moult. This is great if you have allergic relatives (in my case the Father-in-Law) and if you are married to someone who is obsessed with pet … Continue reading

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