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As agile as a sack of spuds

If you know Toffee, it is unlikely that you would associate her with the word ‘agility’. She is about as agile as a sack of spuds. She will be dragged on a walk but, given the option, I am sure … Continue reading

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Winter weather – won’t walk!

If Toffee could speak, “winter weather, won’t walk”¬†were the words she would have uttered yesterday without even raising her head off my daughter’s bean bag. (She has appropriated this as her ‘day’ bed.) It was cold and wet. The day … Continue reading

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Dogs at work

I left my last office job about 18 months ago to return to the world of self-employment. I had a couple of major reasons for this decision, and I would be lying if I said that spending more time with … Continue reading

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Doesn’t every dog own a lipstick?

When Toffee goes to stay with the Other Family (see my last post) she has baggage. We aren’t just talking a plastic bag with some food and poo bags in it. We’re talking the dog equivalent of a 3-part set … Continue reading

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The Others

We are very lucky to have some very good friends who love Toffee nearly as much as we do. They don’t have a dog of their own and don’t intend having a dog of their own. They like dogs though … Continue reading

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Snowy rant

Before you say anything, I am aware that the snow has been and gone. Excuse my tardiness but it’s January and I’ve spent most of it with my head in a bowl of Vicks working through an industrial box of … Continue reading

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Dogs and cats can be buddies . . . sort of

Let’s be honest, dogs and cats don’t really hang out much. Most people would say that this is because they have little in common, but that is not true: Both lick their bottoms incessantly. Both have a poo in full … Continue reading

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